An authentic resort residence
in the Jimbaran hills inspired by the nature
and harmony of a Balinese village.

Welcome to Our Serene Neighborhood!

a 27-hectare residential space in Jimbawana with a one-gate system. Natadesa 1.0, covering 1.7 hectares with 22 homes, sold out in just five months! Proudly part of the Jimbawana Estate, recently awarded an environment platinum certification by The Green Building Council Indonesia for our commitment to ecological enhancement, movement & connectivity, water conservation, waste management, community well-being, and innovation.

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Infused with the essence of Balinese tradition, our villas draw inspiration from the captivating art of Balinese traditional dances. Each villa is a testament to the seamless blend of tradition and contemporary elegance.

To Natadesa, home is more than just a place, it's an environment and existence in life.


Jimbaran Hijau aims goes far and beyond a development, it is to also incorporate residential properties, retail outlets, hotels, and resorts, entertainment attractions and other necessary public services.

Now we have connected the whole area with over 3.500m road, 5 residential areas, and over 10 various facilities & work hubs; including event and recreational space and facilities. Our seeds have now grown into a fruitful tree for life, work and play.


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