Private Security

Energy Efficient Design

Water Management & Conservation

Green Concept

Local Materials

Project Waste Management

Land Ecological Enhancement

Nearby Facilities


The Design

Studio ANSO 

Designed by Indonesian architecture firm Studio ANSO, whose global reputation for the combination of genius loci concept and their innovative design in tropical environment.

Natadesa’s Concept

Natadesa’s design is a modern tropical reimagining of traditional Bali Aga Village.
Its well proportioned spaces with a courtyard reminiscent of beautiful Balinese villages.
The green design and contextual material intertwined as a correspond to Jimbaran Hijau’s vision.


Superior Style

ARPA Studio

Arpa Studio is a Bali based interior design firm. We aim to contribute back to our society and environment through our works, creating liveable and functional spaces, and delivering a deeper value on each touch.

Natadesa’s Concept

Natadesa’s interior is a form of response to Jimbaran’s greenery haven. We aim to create a luxurious home using locally sourced sustainable materials to maintain being in harmony with the environment. Natadesa is liveable, enduring, and authentic in every sense. This project is a true demonstration of harmony between design and environment.


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